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We are looking for a new colleagues - 20.09.2020

We are looking for a new colleagues for position technician - technologist. For more information call: +420 602 553 871 Please, send your CV to : You will...

Second pick-and place machine ESSEMTEC FOX - 20.09.2020

FEBRUARY 2020 - Second FOX was put into operation as a replacement for PANTERA XV. FOX 2 is complemented with paste dispensation and mounting 50 x 30 mm components - for example GSM modules.

Participation in local economics fair - 20.09.2020

The aim of this event was to show presentations of local companies, associations, and organizations.  It's a shame that everything was organized in such a hectic time and I truly hope...

Purchase of automatic PCB washer by DCT Czech s.r.o. - 20.09.2020

We bought automatic PCB washer in September 2020. I am glad we can once again say that we are able to enhance the quality of our work and still be able to not burden the environment.

Products from Futuro Lighting - 01.01.2018

Slovak company Futuro Lighting, s.r.o. offers products on our website which you can order. We represent this company in the Czech Republic.

Pick-and-place machine ESSEMTEC FOX - 20.09.2017

Since July 2017, our company owns new modern Pick-and-place machine ESSEMTEC FOX. Its productivity is 2,5 times bigger than ESSEMTEC PANTERA XV which we still use.