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Vývoj a výroba mikro-komponent

Development and production of micro-components

Our main activity is the design, development and production of micro-components, especially in the field of PCB mounting, winding toroidal inductors, transformers and other wound parts, as well as cable assemblies. We always do our best to meet clients and their individual requirements, so we also have our own metal production, 3D printing and development tools that help us not only in the micro-component production orders, but also as separate activities.

Own products

In addition to services, we are also moving into the development of our own products, especially in the LED Light sector, so we will be happy to advise you on the selection of AC / DC sources, LED modules and luminaires, or we will produce some according to your ideas.


We distribute products on the basis of ozone and UV-C lights that rid the air of viruses, bacteria and other microorganisms. We will be happy to advise you on choosing the most ideal solution directly for your premises.

Our Priorities

We are always here for our customers

Our priority is an individual approach to each customer requirement. We base our work on quality and many years of experience in the field. Thanks to this, we are able to meet many requirements and wishes of our clients.

We care about the environment

Everything we do, we do in harmony with nature. Protecting nature is one of our main principles, which we have been trying to adhere to for many years, thus eliminating the burden on nature as much as possible.

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Our customers

It is our clients that enable us to further develop and push our boundaries.



Our obtained certifications not only allow us to perform our work, but also to participate in the ecological management and disposal of electronic devices.


We are always looking for new colleagues in our team who are looking for a stable job in a growing company.

More than standard

We offer our clients solutions so that they no longer have to worry about anything. We are happy to provide the material, we will eventually produce or procure everything needed for a given order (winding mandrels, templates) and then we will connect the individual processes and hand over the already finished form of the product to the customer before launch.