Complexity and individuality

We have been doing what we enjoy and fulfill for the most 25 years. We have many years of experience in mounting printed circuit boards, winding toroidal chokes and transformers and in the production of cable assemblies.. We ensure the complexity and individuality of individual solutions for each order, in order to meet the goals and requirements of each of our customers. In order to be able to combine individual processes and therefore have everything we need, we also have 3D printing and our own mechanical and mechanical production, which gives us flexibility and independence.

We do individual activities automatically and we will do our best to meet every customer who addresses us, for example with the development and production of toroidal transformers. We mediate all the material that is needed for the given order and we ensure the maximum quality of work performed for individual activities. If the client already has the material secured, we will take over everything and start the production process to meet the final requirement in the shortest possible time.

Quality Czech production

We believe that our Czech production is a symbol of quality and dexterity of our people. That is why we stand for the quality of products that we develop, manufacture and test for our clients. Among other things, we supply our services to clients for whom we have become distributors. These clients are the Slovak company Futuro Lighting and the Czech company OzonTech. See below for more information on distribution.


We will offer you a comprehensive solution within the services from PCB mounting, through winding of toroidal transformers and transformers, production of cable assemblies, to metal production or 3D printing. We adapt everything to the individual requirements of each customer.

Our own products

We are very creative and therefore we can design both standard and specific LED modules and luminaires. As part of these modules and luminaires, we also offer PWM controllers or power supplies for specific devices.


We distribute products based on ozone and UV-C light, which rid the air of viruses, bacteria, spores and other microorganisms. We will be happy to advise you on the selection of the most ideal solution for the given premises. The products we offer are of purely Czech and Slovak quality.