Are you looking for an individual solution for air purification to your premises?

We will be happy to come up with an optimal application for you, using ozone generators and closed UV-C lamps depending on how large the space you need to cover. We also adapt the cleaning to the average number of people who are most often in the room. There are closed UV-C lamps, which are fully certified to clean the air in the presence of people. Among other things, we provide solutions using ozone generators, which are ideal for larger spaces. They can also be used to purify water in swimming pools, ponds or other sources.

Ozone generators The applicability of both types of devices is really wide. They are often used in schools, kindergartens, offices, banks or surgeries. Thanks to ozone generators, it is also possible to procure rooms such as warehouses, production halls or other large enclosed complexes. 

UV-C lamps from FuturoLighting ltd. are fully certified for safe use in the presence of people, which you can read more about on a separate page of sealed closed UV-C lamps or on the certification page. In the Austrian OFI laboratory, GermiTube has achieved results of 95+% efficiency in eliminating various types of viruses, bacteria and spores. Therefore, it can be considered a very effective preventive measure, which also does not harm our health in any other way, because UV-C light is safely stored in the tube and does not escape anywhere. At the same time, there is no formation of by-products, so it is safe to use for plants in the room.

The use of ozone generators has its principles of use, however, it is ozone produced in the highest quality, for which the company OzonTech, s.r.o. awarded 1st place at the ForArch 2021 trade fair in Prague. Ozone is a substance that occurs naturally in nature. At higher concentrations or poor production, it can of course be harmful to health, however, when applied correctly, it is widely used in cleaning ponds with fish, which in turn benefit from this environment, in pharmacy, cosmetics and others.