ozone generators

You are thinking about how to clean the air, water and materials so that your employees and the people around you feel more comfortable at work. Or how to prevent the necessary replacement of your people in times of seasonal viruses?

In this section, you will see how to effectively clean rooms of almost all sizes, materials and water in swimming pools, ponds and other buildings.

What variants do we offer

Variants are available for all types of rooms with the connection of air conditioning cleaning. Also generators for water purification. It all depends on the consultation and the creation of a separate application for a given purpose.

Establishment of cooperation

Thanks to the long-term cooperation with OzonTech, into whose devices we wind toroidal transformers, we have reached the distribution of their products. The generators are therefore of Czech quality based on the principle of ozone formation thanks to a glass tube made of Simax material. The company thus guarantees high-quality, uncontaminated ozone of high quality. Thanks to its properties, it is possible to contain virtually any size of space in which virtually all microorganisms that could be harmful to health are removed.

The OzonTech company is engaged in the production of a large portfolio of sizes from the smallest portable generators for flats and small spaces to large ones that can handle up to several thousand m³ incl. air conditioning and water surfaces and resources.


Often a human-damned substance, which you can read about, is toxic and very harmful. To some extent this is true, but it has a lot of advantages, thanks to which it is really widely used to disinfect spaces of all types, waters, swimming pools. It is even used as part of cosmetics to accelerate the healing of scars, eczema and other health problems.

It is a strong oxidant, which is formed naturally in the stratosphere in the form of an ozone layer or can be detected during storms due to its specific odor. It is formed from the surrounding oxygen with the help of, for example, lightning, when the oxygen atoms separate from each other and then begin to clump together again, and some combine into O3, or ozone. It has mainly disinfecting properties, but also deodorizing properties, which means that it reduces odor. After a while (approximately 3 hours), it itself begins to decompose back to oxygen. It acts on microorganisms in such a way that the smallest ones consume them by eliminating them. Above all, it decomposes cell walls, which is an excellent way to get rid of viruses, bacteria and spores throughout the room and on all materials (daily used handles, trampled floor, keyboard and more).