We offer comprehensive services from PCB´s mounting, through winding of toroidal transformers and transformers, production of cable assemblies, to metal production or 3D printing. It all depends on the individual requirements of each customer. Read more in the individual sections, where you will also find galleries of individual services and products.

Complex solution

Comprehensive services with us mean two things. The first is that we provide all the material and service for our clients. The second thing is that we offer a wide range of processes, which we connect within one order. This means that, for example, we produce coiled parts, which we install with other components on printed circuit boards, we connect the process with the produced cables and we store everything in the final box. We will hand over the final form to the client so that he does not have to worry about this production process anymore.

Individual solutions

If the client wants to supply their own templates, materials and other materials for production, then this is no problem at all. We will ensure the production itself, whether it concerns only the mounting of printed circuit boards, or the production of any coil or cable assembly.

For our greater flexibility and independence during the fulfillment of orders, we use our own 3D printing and mechanical and mechanical production. Thanks to these processes, we procure many, winding pins, skeletons and others, by hand.

See the individual services we offer and read more about the technologies we use. We want to ensure the highest quality for our clients, whether they are purchased components and materials, or within the production process itself. We are very thorough and before we issue the order to our customer, we thoroughly check and measure everything. We want to have the maximum possible certainty that top quality products are leaving us.

We are constantly purchasing new machines to keep up with current trends in production processes. Thanks to this, we can meet a wide portfolio of demands that come to us.