We really enjoy our work and in this case we take each new reel as a challenge. If it is already a rewinding, we move to the warehouse, where we find the necessary material, or order it and then we go straight to the production, where we wind everything and thoroughly check. If a customer comes to us with a new request, we will first produce the coil in a sample quantity and only after the client has agreed, we will wind the required quantity.

Individual solutions

However, if you want to secure the material yourself, we will provide you with all the services within the winding and subsequent inspection of the finished wound parts.


When completely assembled, we will ensure the delivery of boards and the necessary components, which we will then assemble and check the overall processing and the final product.

Custom preparation of parts

We are able to provide a sample number of plastic parts, possibly laminate, by our own 3D printing or machining.

Technologies used

We have TPC winding machines for cylindrical coils and RUFF for transformers and toroidal chokes. We also have a soldering bath, paint shop, curing ovens, testers.