PCB mounting

One of our priority services is the mounting of printed circuit boards (hereinafter referred to as PCBs), their processing and possible incorporation into other processes or structures. We have been engaged in this activity for many years, so we try to put the maximum possible experience into our work and at the same time adhere to technological trends.


If the customer wants provide the material itself, we provide all services in the installation and subsequent inspection of finished boards.

Part of a comprehensive solution

When completely assembled, we will ensure the delivery of boards and the necessary components, which we will then assemble and check the overall processing and the final product.

Sampling from one piece

We sample from one piece within the orders, which will then be introduced into serial production, or also as an individual piece order.

Technologies used

We use technologies from the world's leading manufacturers for mounting printed circuit boards, such as two ESSEMTEC FOX mounting machines and a JUKI reflow oven. We also have dispensers, screen printing and solder wool. We use Mirtec optical inspection for testing. For more accurate and reliable work, we also have fully available Ersa SMARTFLOW 2020 selective solder, which allows us more flexibility in PCB processing.