We are a company of V.P.S. ELEKTRO, s.r.o., which started operating primarily on the Czech market in February 1996. Our domain is the production of electronic and electrical products and components for various fields and industries. Our company V.P.S. ELEKTRO, s.r.o. He highly values both our clients and their cooperation, as well as our employees, to whom we try to ensure a pleasant working environment with a fair approach.

Initially, we only provided service within production capacity. Over time, we began to help with development and implementation in many industries. We are currently engaged in the production of both our own products and custom products.

The company meets the requirements in a very wide range at the highest technical, logistical and communication level and meets the requirements of the ČSN EN ISO 9001: 2015 standard.

In particular, we want to be a unique development, production and technology center for customers who are looking for a comprehensive solution. In the company we integrate development, production, design and service capacities in the field of electronics, mechanics and lighting technology.

We are a company that strives to take care of our environment and we do everything to minimize the burden and pollution.

Our story



1996 - 1998

Our beginnings

On February 5, 1996, our company V.P.S.-Elektro s.r.o., with its original registered office in Moravské Knínice, was established. Here we started our first winding of transformers and subsequently we obtained ISO certification for quality management in the field of production of electrical components and their assembly.

2000 - 2006

Purchases of new equipment

We expanded our specialization in the installation of SMD components, so we needed a sufficient technological background and gradually acquired a semi-automatic machine and subsequently a Mechatronics brand automatic machine. We are also using Novastar soldering wool and a dispenser manufactured by Dima.

2007 - 2010

Fair premiere

During these years, we have included the production of cable assemblies among our services, and it is also time to think about our own background, which would continue to meet all the needs and requirements of a growing company. Among other things, we participated for the first time in the AMPER trade fair in 2007 and also in ELECTRONICS in Munich in 2010.

2011 - 2016

Up to the new

We have strengthened our production with the second ESDEMTEC PANTHERA V SMD assembly machine, and over time with the Juki Reflow oven, TPC winding machines, the first Makerbot 3D printer and also a 3D milling machine. This created the background for metal production, toolmaking and 3D printing, which allows us to be more flexible in orders. During this period, however, it was also crucial that we embarked on the reconstruction of new premises in Moravský Krumlov, where we subsequently moved.

2018 - 2020

Machine innovation

The premises were therefore prepared for larger volumes of orders. We have to keep up with the times, so we bought new machines again, such as the ESSEMTECH Fox 1 and 2 assembly machine, two Průša 3D printers and the InJet DCT washing machine.


A year full of changes

Several changes and innovations have taken place this year. First of all, we bought a new Ersa SMARTFLOW 2020 selective solder. We also digitized the interconnection of workplaces. The main and fundamental change, however, is our logo and website.